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Pass4TestはAmazon AWS-Solutions-Associate日本語対策の実践訓練を提供する


もし弊社の問題集を勉強してそれは簡単になります。弊社はオンラインサービスとアフターサービスとオンラインなどの全面方面を含めてます。たくさんの人はAmazon AWS-Solutions-Associate日本語対策AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate」認証試験を通ることが難しいと思います。



試験科目:「AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate」
問題と解答:全431問 AWS-Solutions-Associate 認証試験

>> AWS-Solutions-Associate 認証試験


NO.1 What does the following command do with respect to the Amazon EC2 security groups?
ec2-create-group CreateSecurityGroup
A. Creates a new security group for use with your account.
B. Creates a new group inside the security group.
C. Creates a new rule inside the security group.
D. Groups the user created security groups in to a new group for easy access.
Answer: A


NO.2 What does Amazon ElastiCache provide?
A. A service by this name doesn't exist. Perhaps you mean Amazon CloudCache.
B. A virtual server with a huge amount of memory.
C. An Amazon EC2 instance with the Memcached software already pre-installed.
D. A managed In-memory cache service.
Answer: D


NO.3 You are designing a multi-platform web application for AWS The application will run on EC2
instances and will be accessed from PCs. tablets and smart phones Supported accessing platforms are
Windows. MACOS. IOS and Android Separate sticky session and SSL certificate setups are required for
different platform types which of the following describes the most cost effective and performance
efficient architecture setup?
A. Assign multiple ELBS to an EC2 instance or group of EC2 instances running the common
components of the web application, one ELB for each platform type Session stickiness and SSL
termination are done at the ELBs.
B. Set up one ELB for all platforms to distribute load among multiple instance under it Each EC2
instance implements ail functionality for a particular platform.
C. Set up two ELBs The first ELB handles SSL certificates for all platforms and the second ELB handles
session stickiness for all platforms for each ELB run separate EC2 instance groups to handle the web
application for each platform.
D. Setup a hybrid architecture to handle session state and SSL certificates on-prem and separate EC2
Instance groups running web applications for different platform types running in a VPC.
Answer: A